Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Everyone seems to talk about Costa Rica these days either for adventure tourism, eco-tourism, adventure tourism for women, the wellness line, etc. Bottom line is if it has the tourism attached to it then some foreigner is thinking of visiting Costa Rica. Costa Rica is on everyone’s lips these days for very good reason. It has one of the most inviting tourist models in the world and is both peaceful, unique in a myriad of ways, with the perfect weather, and above all it is easily accessible especially by North Americans. Where else on earth a 7 day vacation can be guaranteed sunny in the months of December to April.

Why is dental tourism in Costa Rica so great?

Costa Rica has become one of the most important destination for dental patients from North America in recent years. Much can be attributed to the fact that Costa Rica is already a very popular tourist destination so many people come back from the holiday talking about the unique and special place Costa Rica is. However, more importantly, the dentistry services reputation of this wonderful country is the real draw. Remember that while many of the dental procedures are considered cosmetic, the reality is that confidence which comes from having a beautiful smile can really be a life changing experience.

Dental Procedures Abroad vs Other Important Health Conditions

Look, it is difficult and perhaps even a little scary to make a life changing decision when you are really sick with a more complex and delicate health condition. For example, if you have heart disease, or joint disorders or another type of disease admittedly, you’re basically sick and probably not feeling too great. So the decision to jump on a plane with something as scary as triple bypass surgery is not the same as considering jump on a plane for a few days and can save up to 70% having the latest implant technology done on your mouth.

Get Your Dental Procedure Done and Tour on the Same Trip

In Costa Rica you can get your dental procedure done and go back to some retirement havens like just outside of San Jose with all amenities, a huge swimming pool, complete peace and if you’re like me a couple of daiquiris no matter what the doc. The next day, you’re ready to go bird watching on a whitewater raft or other. Check this article about Costa Rica dental tourism at, it talks in more detail about this subject matter… it is a very good article.

Bottom line is the dental work is not as invasive and frightening as some of the above procedures. Especially people with dental problems do not feel sick most of the time and want to look and feel better about themselves.


Can You Get Affordable Dental Implants?

It’s difficult to find affordable dental implants. Most dental surgeons charge a lot of money for these implants. It will take a lot of time to find a surgeon that is willing to do this sort of work for a lower price. You should always ensure that you actually need this surgery before you look for affordable dental implants. Dental implants are much better than a root canal. A root canal can fail over time and cause more decaying of your tooth.

Understanding the Dental Implant

These devices are placed inside your jawbone and are usually made out of titanium. It is enabled to act as the root from the dental and it also may hold the manufactured dental, denture, the queen’s, or perhaps new bride constantly in place. The implant could be the base for any operate that’s done in your lips as well as it may be accomplished about multiple the teeth or just one dental.

The implant will trick your body so it accepts the titanium as part of the bone. The jaw will integrate with the implant over time so it’s nice and solid and the whole structure will act just like a real tooth.

Affordable dental implants and expensive ones are really just the same thing. The amount that the dentist charges for the work is the main difference. The titanium that goes into your mouth will be the same whether or not the implant procedure is expensive or affordable.

Finding a Dental Surgeon

Before you look for affordable dental implants you’ll need to find a good surgeon that offers a good price on the procedure. This is going to take planning and work on your part. The dimensions and shape of your jaw will also have to be identified because the implant has to be oriented properly with your jawbone for it to work right. You need a surgeon that will go over the steps of the procedure with you so you understand how the work is going to be done. You need to know how to look after the implant after the procedure so discuss this with the surgeon. You should also discuss any alternative methods with your surgeon to find something that’s going to work for you.

Your current orthodontist, general practitioner, or dentist should be able to help you find a dental surgeon if you don’t have one already. Here at ADHP, we have a qualified and affordable surgeon for affordable dental implants that can help serve your needs. A good surgeon is what you want to have for an excellent set of nice looking teeth that will look great for a long time.

The Process of Dental Implants

The implant looks like a cylinder or a screw and it’s placed into the jaw. The implant will bond to the bone in about two to six months. This provides a stable anchor for the artificial teeth or tooth that will go into your mouth. You will have temporary teeth put over the implant site before the final work is done.

Often there are connecting devices or abutments that are added so additional crowns can be added to your jawbone. You will need to rest for two weeks after the work so your gums have a chance to heal.

Reasons As To Why Costa Rica Dental Vacations Have Become Quite Popular Nowadays

Over the last few decades, people have received and embraced the idea of traveling overseas for medical reasons with lots of weight. Each day, the world records an increase in the number of people who travel outside their countries with the aim to get better medical procedures. Based on studies, Costa Rica is one of the best countries that receive the largest number of dental tourists each day. The tremendous increase in Costa Rica dental vacations has been brought about by various factors below being some of the key ones.

One of the key things that have boosted an increase in the number of people who travel to Costa Rica for dental care services is that Costa Rica offers among the best rates on their dental care services. Studies show that the cost of dental care in Costa Rica is approximately 40 percent less when compared to that other countries. For instance, while a dental crown costs not less than 1000 dollars in U.S., Costa Rica offers it at 500 dollars. That means, if you decide to visit a dental facility in Costa Rica to get a dental crown and another person decides to get the same procedure in a U.S. dental facility; the amount you spend will be less by 50 percent when compared to that spend by the other person.

Another great reason why more people prefer taking their dental vacations in Costa Rica is that Costa Rica is known to be one of the countries that among the best quality dental care services. Most of the dentists who offer dental care services in Costa Rica got their training in some of the highly-regarded dentist colleges in the U.S. That said, they have all it takes for a dentist to be able to offer dental procedures with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Besides, Costa Rica has among the best recovery spas and facilities where patients can comfortably and peacefully take their time to recover after certain dental procedures.

The next main reason that has placed Costa Rica at the top of the most preferred countries for quality and affordable dental care services is that patients are not forced to wait for long before they are attended to. In fact, most of the Costa Rica dentists are quite flexible and does everything possible to make sure their customers do not wait for long. Additionally, the medical specialists in Costa Rica are professionals who are trained on how to deal with people of all cultures and backgrounds hence they do not discriminate people based on their culture or background.

Last but not the least, the increased number of dental tourists in Costa Rica has been attributed by the fact that Costa Rica is very rich in tourist attraction sites and activities. For instance, Costa Rica offers a variety of beaches, relaxation hot springs, rainforests, amazing and high-quality accommodation and facilities as well as friendly hiking surroundings. When at Costa Rica, you can also visit animal cages to see funny and interesting animals like monkeys, toucans, whales, sharks, blue morpho butterflies and dolphins.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism: Save Money And Get A Holiday At The Same Time!

Dental tourism is traveling to an attractive destination to visit and relax, and at the same time, get some cheap dental treatment. The idea is basically to travel and visit the dentist at the same time in order to avoid paying the high rates you normally pay in your home country. Currently the difference in the exchange rate between Western countries and Costa Rica makes Costa Rica a perfect choice.

It is important to add that the level of professionalism practiced in Costa Rica dental tourism clinics is very high as they have the necessary technology and training for any type of dental treatment; surgery, endodontics or orthodontics.

Today, many people, particularly the United States are going to Costa Rica for their dental tourism. Why do Americans prefer to go to Costa Rican dentists than dentists in their country? The reason is because they are good, reliable and far cheaper than U.S equivalents. Costa Rica dental tourism clinics are committed to giving their American patients high quality dental care

Before going on the dental holiday, you should call the dental facility you are planning to visit. Make sure your dentist speaks English and that communication is very easy. Otherwise, you would have to have a translator with you. Find out in advance the things you will need to take with you to avoid any problems. Also ask the cost of dental service and look to see if it’s worth doing in Costa Rica than in your home country (it will be). It would be much better if you describe the work you want to do and ask for the quote. Finally, make an appointment with them. Again, make sure that everything is well planned before getting on the plane!

Dental tourism has become a fad in the United States and many western countries including the UK and Australia mainly because most of the people are not lucky enough to be able to afford access to dental insurance and its benefits. Americans are now traveling to Costa Rica in large numbers for dental services and procedures such as dental implants. This is because these services are much cheaper in foreign countries and in other countries compared to services in the country in which you find yourself.

While the most affordable prices are considered the most important reason that people travel to Costa Rica for their dental tourism, some people also have found that there are certain treatments that cannot be carried out so easily near them. Since they cannot fix their problem in or near their home, they decide to travel abroad to solve this problem.

The rising tide of dental tourism can be a perfect opportunity for people who want to travel and explore other countries and exotic places. More and more Americans and Europeans have been traveling to Costa Rica and not only approve of the quality of the services but also take the opportunity to have a good time with their families on vacation.

In short Costa Rica dental tourism is booming and it makes sense to take advantage of the trend. Surely everyone would want to get a free holiday for the price of their dental work and still save money.