Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Everyone seems to talk about Costa Rica these days either for adventure tourism, eco-tourism, adventure tourism for women, the wellness line, etc. Bottom line is if it has the tourism attached to it then some foreigner is thinking of visiting Costa Rica. Costa Rica is on everyone’s lips these days for very good reason. It has one of the most inviting tourist models in the world and is both peaceful, unique in a myriad of ways, with the perfect weather, and above all it is easily accessible especially by North Americans. Where else on earth a 7 day vacation can be guaranteed sunny in the months of December to April.

Why is dental tourism in Costa Rica so great?

Costa Rica has become one of the most important destination for dental patients from North America in recent years. Much can be attributed to the fact that Costa Rica is already a very popular tourist destination so many people come back from the holiday talking about the unique and special place Costa Rica is. However, more importantly, the dentistry services reputation of this wonderful country is the real draw. Remember that while many of the dental procedures are considered cosmetic, the reality is that confidence which comes from having a beautiful smile can really be a life changing experience.

Dental Procedures Abroad vs Other Important Health Conditions

Look, it is difficult and perhaps even a little scary to make a life changing decision when you are really sick with a more complex and delicate health condition. For example, if you have heart disease, or joint disorders or another type of disease admittedly, you’re basically sick and probably not feeling too great. So the decision to jump on a plane with something as scary as triple bypass surgery is not the same as considering jump on a plane for a few days and can save up to 70% having the latest implant technology done on your mouth.

Get Your Dental Procedure Done and Tour on the Same Trip

In Costa Rica you can get your dental procedure done and go back to some retirement havens like just outside of San Jose with all amenities, a huge swimming pool, complete peace and if you’re like me a couple of daiquiris no matter what the doc. The next day, you’re ready to go bird watching on a whitewater raft or other. Check this article about Costa Rica dental tourism at, it talks in more detail about this subject matter… it is a very good article.

Bottom line is the dental work is not as invasive and frightening as some of the above procedures. Especially people with dental problems do not feel sick most of the time and want to look and feel better about themselves.